I'M PASSIONATE ABOUT finding and filling the cracks of history, about discovering the truth behind events and people, and making it something that can be experienced and remembered from a book. In fact, a good book is an experience.

Writers, teachers, parents, even friends, we all have an obligation to share in the most interesting and engaging ways possible, which is often books. With good research and good writing, we can travel back in time and emerge with expanded views, appreciation, and even new understandings and hope.

So after years of writing and publishing for others—and no one loves their day job (Rodney Miles Book Creation) as much as I do—I am deeply grateful to be progressing on a passion project of my own. The research is the adventure, and the sharing its own reward.

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Of present pleasure and romantic past

The faint traces of romantic things

The old land of America

I find in this nook of sand

The first traces of that giant grown

IN THE SPRING of 1827, at the age of 23, before he became one of America's most influential intellectual and spiritual influences, Ralph "Waldo" Emerson thought he might die from tuberculosis, the disease that would rob him of two brothers, a young wife, and his protégé, Henry David Thoreau.

He fled Boston for St. Augustine, to save his mind and his life. There he would meet the "thinking atheist" and nephew of Napoleon, Prince Achille Murat; he would witness first-hand the slave trade; encounter native Americans; and come face-to-face with remnants of Spanish rule and torture. 

He would come to love the shores of St. Augustine, he would walk, write, think, recover, and he would never be the same. Now, in the spirit of historical narrators David McCullough and Erik Larsen, and filmmaker Ken Burns, this is that story. 

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WHEN I WAS LITTLE, I remember my mom reading at red lights. At home, she had a room full of books. The first book I read of my own choice was her copy of William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist—I was intrigued and couldn’t see the R-rated movie at nine years old.

I found myself reading, collecting books, thinking about the world all through high school then college, and to this day, reading and making conversation with anyone who will listen about books, about John Locke and Thomas Jefferson, about the stars and space, about different foods, about craft beer, Tuaca, live rock and roll, nice cigars, and how to raise a teenage daughter so she will still love you when you’re old. I’ve sold area rugs on gas station corners, flipped a few houses, run a few small businesses and brokerages, and sold cookware through live demonstrations, but I finally found where and what I am supposed to be, after consistent prodding by my father when I was forty—to start writing for a living.

And I’m in love with what I do. Books are still the primary way we engage deeply with each other, with the past and with the future. I’ve ghostwritten, collaborated, and managed the creation of hundreds of books for others, and now it’s my turn. If you like, join me on the journey of researching, writing, designing, launching and publishing my way into the genre I love so much, narrative non-fiction. I’ll be traveling a bit for research, but the rest of it will be written from various Starbucks around Florida, where I live with my beautiful wife and daughter . . . and all the pets.



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